Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hope for India

It's hard to believe I have been here almost 2 weeks! There have been so many new experiences, challenges and joy-filled moments. I have seen the beauty of Mumbai as well as its depravity. I have met so many people filled with passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus to this city. I have been among the hopeless and been among the hope-filled. Yet, this journey is just beginning. I love this city and these people.

It was recently tweeted ''INDIA'S TIME!'' by Ps Brian Houston during his visit here (more about that in a minute!). I couldn't agree more. Before long, the population of India will surpass the population of China! There truly is a God-given purpose for this nation! The need runs deep here-- not just physically but spiritually. There is a mindset among the impoverished, which I believe stems from its previously implemented caste system that permeates not only the minds but the hearts of so many in this city. From the heart flow the issues of life (Pr 4:23). No wonder this mindset has caused so many to not look beyond or hope in life other than what is current & familiar. Because of this so many remain uneducated, addicted, and poor. In spite of that, I am confident that God is lining up and orchestrating His people strategically in this land. God is here! And with time, I believe India will see a move of God's spirit unlike anything our finite minds can comprehend.

It truly is India's time and being here has been such an honor! Last week Pastor Brian Houston, lead pastor of Hillsong Churches world-wide made a visit to Mumbai unannounced to check out the work of Vision Rescue and keep it fresh on his heart. Nick Caine, husband of the lovely Christine Caine, accompanied him. Together, Nick & Chris pioneer an amazing ministry called The A21 Campaign, which fights the injustice of human trafficking across Europe. To find myself here at the same time as Ps Brian and Nicks visit was only something God could orchestrate. It was a complete honor meet them & to be present as they met with all of the Vision Rescue team-- from the cooks who wake up faithfully to begin their day at 3a.m. to the excellent administrative staff who handles the details of this ministry. I stood there with tears in my eyes as Ps Biju explained how it was a dream come true for Ps Brian to be there encouraging his team. I love how God knows the longings of each our hearts and isn’t afraid to blow us away by granting us those desires! A dream fulfilled is truly a tree of life (Pr 13:12)!

Ps Brian lifted up and poured out encouragement on the team in such a heart-felt manner. It was incredible! I was in a room full of champions whose lives are making an eternal impact on this city- whose role in life is more important than the richest man in the world because what they are doing is going to last into eternity! May we all live with our eternal imprint at the forefront of our minds!

That amazing experience was one of many. Life in the city of dreams has been filled with adventure. I have experienced so many firsts. Just for the fun of it, here is a non-exhaustive listing of My Mumbai Firsts:

  • Walked, crossed & survived the chaotic streets (yikes!)

  • Rode a motorcycle (& survived)

  • Ate Indian-style with my right hand

  • Got beautiful henna on my hands

  • Purchased & wore authentic Indian clothing (kurta & patiala)

  • Saw the worlds largest slum

  • Rode in a rickshaw

  • Saw the city dump featured in Slumdog Millionaire

There are so many more experiences but I will have to save them for story telling when I'm home! :) I love it here and I'm convinced God has something very special for this city and nation. I believe He is transforming this city one person at a time. With individual change comes collective change. With personal hope being renewed comes a renewal of hope for an entire nation and I, for one thing, have hope for India!


  1. Beautiful! This "City of Dreams" has made many of your dreams come true!
    I know God is using you to do the same for many there!
    Although I miss you terribly, I am so full of peace and joy for you! May His Will be done:)
    I love you so much!

  2. aaahhhh!!! what a beautiful time for India. How cool is it that you are experiencing many of India's "firsts" too! This could not be anything other than the hand of God. It wasn't just a random moment in time that you left to go--it was His perfect timing. Fills me up with such hope! Thank you for continuing to share! I love you!

  3. This is amazing! Love that you have just do connected with this country! Belieiving with you that this is India's time!

  4. I am beyond excited for you right now! How awesome that you get to work with brothers and sisters in Christ and see that we truly are one, from the most humble to the famous. I am so excited to hear your stories when you come back, I know that they will be awesome! But I'm even more excited to just see you, because I know that you will be forever changed and I can't wait to see how much more beauty God is giving you and the amazing heart He is filling even more with a passion for His people. Love you!